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The Doctor took River thousands of years into the future and just left her there... But now she's hunted him down, and she's furious... [Set after Let's Kill Hitler]
"Hello Sweetie." The voice was husky, and guttural.
The Doctor turned to see River standing in the doorway of the abandoned ceremonial hall. He grinned. "River!"
"You bastard!" She shot him.
He fell to one knee in shock. Searing pain and nausea roiled through him from the quarter sized hole burned out of his shoulder. She'd unerringly hit the vulnerable hollow above his collarbone. It wasn't fatal, but his eyes were blurring.
His ears were ringing, but he could see the blurry outline of her hoving nearer, like a golden thunderstorm.
"River, what...?"
She kicked him in the other shoulder. He fell backward. He lay there, not bothering to defend himself. He could see her clearly now, standing over him, her gun pointed precisely at his nose.
She was crying, her face stark with fury.
"You left me there!" She shot a hole
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 29 9
A Very Good Day
He wasn't getting any younger, and his companions were ganging up on him.
"This is never going to work!" Rory whispered.
"It will if you'll quit dawdling. Come on, River is keeping him distracted." Amy crept silently past the lower door to the console room, hunched over and tiptoeing like the burglar in some old comic strip.
He looked up to the console. Yes, River was keeping him distracted. She was kissing him, quite enthusiastically. And if the location of his hands were any indication, he was enjoying it.
He squashed down his fatherly instincts, knowing neither of the older people above him would care what he thought, and not willing to be the recipient of further superior smirks. He followed Amy down the lower level corridor.
They ducked into the downstairs common room, a sort of generic tea room where there was a food machine, a more conventional college fridge, and a hotplate for making tea. The room was hung with streamers and bunting, helium balloons floated at the ceili
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 63 23
My Bad Girl
The Doctor stared down at the picture in his hand. It was of River, or, rather, young River. Mels, as Amy still called her.
Lovely dark skin, silky black curly hair, and "bad girl" stamped on every inch of her.
He felt a strange tingling. Everyone sort of disapproved of young River. She was a rule breaker, an authority ignorer, a rebel.
If he'd met her when he was in school, he'd have loved her instantly.
It's not like he had a thing for bad girls. He usually preferred good girls, the kind who were always fighting the good fight. He'd known scores of them.
So, why was it River that made him tingle?
No doubt his professors would say it was because she was just like him. But she wasn't really. He'd never been that confident or brash when he was young. A joker, a clown-around, a skive-off, sure. Confident in his own way, a know-it-all, for sure. They had that in common.
But for all his youthful rebellion, it had actually come as a shock to people when he'd really rebelled.
So what
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 28 3
We Just Leave Her There?
What did Amy and Rory think, immediately after leaving River at the hospital at the end of "Let's Kill Hitler?"
"So we just leave her there?" Rory asked in disbelief, pacing his and Amy's room in the Tardis.  He turned on Amy, "She's Mels. She's our daughter! Our little girl!"
"I know, Rory." Amy was hunched up on the lower bunk of their bunkbeds, somehow, even with the Doctor's assurances, they'd still ended up with a room with bunkbeds.
"So this is fine with you," Rory protested. "Just because he said it." He waved an arm at the door, and by implication the Tardis beyond.
"NO!" Amy stood up, glaring. "But she's not a baby anymore." He saw the tears in her eyes and backed down. "She's Mels, and you know Mels can look after herself." She waved that away irritably.
"But it's not that. She's also River. And that's why I trust him." She turned to him. "You didn't see them, Rory. The first time he saw River, back at the Byzantium. Ooh," she grinned, tearily, but with a
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 28 4
She was brilliant. River Song could do anything. She was playing the piano.
She is brilliant.
The Doctor simply sat and stared. Everything she did, she excelled at. He crept into a shadowy corner of the Tardise's unused music room and sat quietly in a chair.
River was playing the piano.
Dressed only in a thin nightgown and lacy pullover she swayed softly as she played a low dreamy piece, her fingers caressing the keys with as much familiarity as she held a gun.
When had she found the time to learn to play the piano? Where had she learned it? Surely not in an abandoned orphanage, or in Stormcage.
Yet, she played as perfectly as she did everything else. Sometimes he was jealous of how well she did everything. Well, not really, he was actually impressed, and rather smugly proud.  
No doubt her childhood had driven her to excel at whatever she attempted. That thought brought a pang of grief and guilt. But look at what it had created!
He could only imagine what she could have ac
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 38 6
Old Married Couple
Amy and Rory find the Doctor and River en deshabille in the library...
The Doctor's hair was mussed. River's skirt was hiked up her legs, and her dress draped down over one bare shoulder.
When Amy and Rory walked into the library, the Doctor was sitting in a chair reading a book, while River was sitting on the sofa opposite him, reading a manuscript.
"So," Amy said, looking at their disheveled appearance, the books knocked over on the table between them, and River's shoes flung in the corner. "What have you two been up to?"
The Doctor looked up from his book. He held it up. "Reading."
"Uh, huh," Amy said, looking at the Doctor's jacket lying over the back of the couch beside River and the Doctor's one shoe that was off lying in a heap of books beside the coffee table.
"Why, Amy?" River asked innocently, rolling her scroll higher. "What do you think we were doing?" River gave her mother a thoroughly limpid look.
Amy put her hands on her hips. "Oh, don't give me that look."
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 60 13
Going Swimming
The Doctor's all ready for a day of fun in the sun.
Sam stood on a silky white sand beach, sparkling blue ocean spread behind her and georgous golden sunlight streamed down. She was wearing a bikini, a wide smile, and an impatient air.
"Come on, Doctor! You've been talking about taking me to Florana forever. We finally made it. What's taking so long?"
"Be out in a minute, Sam," the Doctor's voice came muffled through the Tardis doors as it sat on the beach, its base wallowed into the sand as if the Tardis herself intended to enjoy the holiday.
Sam looked out over the ocean. This planet had three suns, but it wasn't overly hot.
"Well, Sam. What do you think?"
The Doctor stepped outside the Tardis doors holding a huge multicolored umbrella.
"Oh, no." Sam clapped her hand over her eyes.
He was wearing an 1880s black and white striped, neck to knees swimsuit.
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 12 5
Someone to Rely On
The Doctor has one last favor to ask of Rory. Because he needs someone he can trust.
They'd been living in the new house for a couple of months before Rory found the books. They were piled on a shelf in the cupboard under the stairs, where he'd gone to find some towels. He wouldn't have thought anything about them, there was lots of new stuff in the house the Doctor had given him and Amy, but something about these books called to him.
Maybe it was the titles, "The Doctor's Journal," "The Doctor's Helper," and "Biology Notes." They were thick heavy books bound in red, blue, and green leather. He hefted them down, forgetting the towels, and took them into the dining room.
He wondered why they'd been left in the cupboard.  He'd found the Doctor had stocked him a whole library of medical texts in the library upstairs. All the latest of everything, including a few things he'd realized weren't published yet, once he'd checked the copyrights.
So why where these left in a closet?
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 29 8
Alone Again
Alone again, the 10th Doctor wonders if it's fair to keep making friends. He's dangerous. And it hurts when they leave. What should he do? And what would his old friends say?
Why did he always do this to himself? He was alone again. Again, again, again. He knew that friends moved on, sometimes died, but always left him. Admittedly, Rose and Donna had hit him hard. His hearts still ached to think about it, but this time, he wasn’t going to turn his face away.
He’d had no choice but to leave Rose in the alternate dimension. Someone needed to take care of his alternate self. No. Be honest. His other self would have been fine. He could have taken Rose with him. They could have been together. All her life. Her brilliant, shining, too short, life. He hadn’t left Rose behind because his other self needed her. He’d left her, because he couldn’t stand the idea of her leaving him, or worse, her staying with him, living, maturing, growing closer and cl
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 22 5
Fixed Points
When the Doctor first met River he didn't know everything about her. (Library Fix-it.)
She was crying, she couldn't help it. This was going to hurt him so much, and to think, that all the time she'd known him, he'd always had this running through the back of his head.  
She wired together the last of the connections, the countdown running down beside her. Him handcuffed to the pipe at her feet.
He was begging her not to do this. Her Doctor. Begging. But she had to. She couldn't rewrite time, she wouldn't. This had to happen. It was a fixed point.  
But she knew a little about fixed points.
"Hush now," she said, a tear tracking down her cheek. She was so sorry. "Spoilers."
The countdown reached zero. She pressed the two connectors together. There was a blinding flash of light.
She knew a little about fixed points. But he didn't know about the vortex manipulator strapped to her arm under her spacesuit.
She stumbled a bit as she materialized aboard the Tardis. The
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 31 9
In the News
A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially if you're the Doctor and River Song.
“This is going to sell us thousands of newspapers.”
The photographer bounced on his toes in front of his publisher’s desk.
“Who are they?” the publisher asked, tapping a finger on the glossy photo.
The photographer shrugged. “Don’t know. All I could get is that they’re both doctors.”
“Where was this taken?” the publisher asked.
“At the Swanlea Charity Ball.”
The publisher nodded. “Public venue then, we don’t have to get their permission. Did you get any more?” the publisher waved the photograph at him.
The photographer grinned. “Oh yeah. They’re quite a pair of dancers. They came swirling in like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, cleared the whole dance floor. They didn’t even seem to notice. At the end they just stopped and clapped politely for the orchestra as if they didn’t re
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 39 7
Daddy's Girl
Somebody makes Mels cry and little Rory goes and sorts them out.
“You’re useless! Nobody wants you. You don’t even have a father!”
Rory heard the taunts and ran toward the cluster of kids gathered around the slide. He found Mels in the middle of it, as he expected, facing off with Justin, the school bully.
Justin was twice Mels’ size, towering over her, beefy in the shoulder and larger than any fourth grader had a right to be. Mels was smaller, slighter, with her pigtail hanging down her back. Rory winced, knowing what was going to happen.
“Go back where you came from, Useless.” Justin pushed at Mels’ shoulder. Rory could see her hands fisting at her sides, see the coiled fury in her stance. She was staring up at the bigger boy with narrowed eyes.
“I am not useless!” she gritted out through her teeth, almost against her will.
Rory tried to push his way through the crowd, but he was even smaller than Mels.
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 56 14
Why does Dad always catch you when you're having a good snog? River and the Doctor get caught by the most unexpected person.
River had him pressed up securely to the Tardis corridor wall. His hands tangled in her hair, her hands framed his face as they kissed with a slow luscious thoroughness.
A throat cleared behind them.
River spun around, hair flying, hand going to her gun.
There was a tall, curly haired man standing in the corridor. He had his hands in his pockets, a surprised look on his face, and an impossibly long scarf draping down to the floor.
"What are you doing here?" the Doctor asked behind her.
"I think the relative continuum stabilizers have slipped again," the man said. He stood there as if he owned the place.
"What exactly do you think you're doing?" the man asked the Doctor in a disapproving tone, looking pointedly from the Doctor to River and back.
The Doctor gripped her hips, pulling her possessively back against him, she couldn't help but smile
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 45 12
The Dragon Bouquet
River picked flowers in the meadow as the Doctor struggled with his captors.
"Really, we had no idea this was Archduke Cheverton's lands," the Doctor protested as two fancifully armored knights wrestled him onto a horse, his hands tied. He peeked out of the corner of his eye at River, who was selecting each bloom with care. The guards hadn't noticed her yet.
He frowned slightly at her complete unconcern. It's not like she couldn't see what was happening.
"If you'll just let me speak to the Archduke, I'm sure we can clear this whole thing up in no time," he pleaded, keeping the knights' attention focused on him.
The fancier of the two knights tied his hands firmly to the front of the saddle, tightening the knot with a yank. "You killed the dragon that has presided over these lands for generations!" the knight said, affronted.
"Yes? But it was about to eat that girl they'd staked out!" the Doctor protested.
"That dragon has been the Cheverton family sigil for three hundred years!" the ju
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 40 11
50th Anniversary Doctor Who Version 1 by OAKANSHIELD 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Version 1 :iconoakanshield:OAKANSHIELD 91 7


This is an amazing piece, the lighting is so effective. Love love love!! The text isn't too dark or too light, it is very easily read. ...



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